“Mythbusting” and “Does Leadership Exist” with Dave Kohn-Hollins

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Dave Kohn-Hollins of will be offering two workshops we’d like to develop into regularly-offered Open Canoe Association modules – and if you sign up to these you get a chance to shape what develops!

On Sunday 3rd Dave’s offering:

Mythbusting in Safety and Rescue

A subject where fact and opinion are often confused with each other, Safety and Rescue is a vital area of the sport. Dave helps you differentiate between solid fact and overblown guff, shooting sacred cows with abandon along the way.

On Monday 4th, Dave’s offering:

Does Leadership Exist – a conundrum

Dave-Hollins asks the question and challenges your perception of river leadership, giving you food for thought and new tools on the way.
Click HERE for the booking form 🙂

**** And Dave’s Canoefest Team entry ****

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