Natural Navigation, Foraging, Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills!

For Canoefest 2015, Richard Prideaux of Original Outdoors is offering a wide range of bonus sessions linked to canoe culture:

On Friday 1st May Richard will offer:

Tracking – animals and people!

This condensed session will be based on Richard’s full day of tracking and will cover techniques and methods used by professional and experienced trackers across the globe.  Expect bits from a list including:

  • Introduction to spotting and interpreting sign
  • Sign and shape recognition
  • Footprint and gait analysis
  • Wildlife ID
  • Tracking tools
  • Recording and annotating tracks
  • Efficient tracking techniques
  • SAR tracking

On Saturday 2nd May OCA Member get to join an all day Foraging workshop at a special Canoefest rate.

On the morning of Sunday 3rd May we move on to:

Natural Navigation & Wilderness Skills

This will be a condensed version of one of Richard’s usual Natural Navigation course.  It is suitable for any outdoor enthusiast, including walkers, sailors, bushcrafters, mountain bikers, kayakers and pretty much everybody else.
Rather than using a map and compass as the main method of finding your way across the landscape we look at ancient navigation techniques, the relationship between the movement of the earth, sun and stars and how we can use this, the landscape, and the weather to plot a route across the landscape.

On the Sunday afternoon Richard moves on to:

Afternoon – Bushcraft – Firelighting – Tarpology – Edged Tools

This will take elements from Richard’s Bushcraft Basics Course – tailored to suit those signed up.  Core skills will be developed, and by the end of the day you will have extended skills widely regarded as being at the heart of canoe culture.

On Monday 4th May we offer a specially arranged:

Canoefest 2015 day of Foraging, Wild Food Gathering in the forests @ Rhewl.

This will be again be based around Richard’s standard Foraging Course – though at a fraction of the usual cost!

Click HERE for the booking form 🙂

**** And Richard’s Canoefest Team entry ****

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