Pre-Rally 4* Refresher and Assessment

Ken Hughes is the leading coach in the UK for Performance Boating in an Open Canoe. Although generally operating in the NE of England and up in Scotland… he has agreed to travel to North Wales to offer an “OCA Special” – four days of outstanding paddling and “trad skills” in the week leading up to OCA Canoefest 2015.

Almost any boater could benefit from this offer – and OCA Members attending Canoefest 2015 are being offered this package at a significantly discounted rate.

If you’re inexperienced on WW… come along as a “guinea pig”: be led by the other participants, under Ken’s watchful eye, and see what all the fuss is about!

At the other end of the scale… if you’re a veteran… come along for an update… or to see how these famous four-day programmes work.

If you’re in between, and need an assessment… you’ll not find a better offer: Ken’s second to none in this regard, and the extended format (including the refresher) is tried and tested!

Details here: Ken Hughes Courses