Micro-Adventure Challenge

If your canoeing is about tripping and journeying then our CanoeFest 2015 “Micro-Adventure Challenge” might be for you.

The challenge: to get up on the morning of Saturday 2nd May… and depart Dolben Hall for your own, short micro-adventure!

Rules – mostly “don’t do stupid” – and “do take photos” 🙂

We’re encouraging anyone who’d like to take 36 hours out from Canoefest 2015 to do just that: to turn up for the Friday night, and to return for the Sunday night and Monday… but to take the opportunity of the long weekend in North Wales to get in some of your ordinary, everyday personal canoeing!

If you’re doing this, we can offer a 50% discount on your core-programme fee – as you’re basically creating your own programme.  All we ask is that you give us at least a token report.



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