Canoefest 2015 Pricing

Canoefest 2015 aims to tread a fine line.  Past, present and prospective members have hugely diverse aspirations and expectations.  Some would like to bring family and join friends for a relaxed few days… but at the other extreme, we’ve calls for intensive programmes of first rate, highly original workshops in the manner of a symposium.

For those wanting an informal experience we have volunteer-led “core-programme” to add interest to gentle shared days.  Plan on fun stuff… trying new things… basic skills sessions… gentle trips… park and play… and more!

For those wanting a more “full on” experience, we’re offering premium experiences ranging from “Sweet Skills” C-Boating with Kelvin Horner to “Days of Coastal Play” with Ray Goodwin, Jules Burnard and friends – which will include time on the Swellies (Menai Straits).

Our “core programme” will grow to match demand, but broadly:

  • Saturday “fun day” centred on an exclusive access arrangement for Lynn Brenig:
    • “Varieties of canoeing” taster / demo-boat / skills sessions:
      • All ages / levels – mini workshops – fun sessions – games afloat
      • C-boat (including rolling) through to specialist adventure-sailing canoes
      • Solo canoe – Tripping Tandems – “Trad” boat
    • Land-based fun in the sun – tarpology, camp cooking and more
  • Sunday “adventure day” will include:
    • More sessions on Lynn Brenig – preparations for that big adventure
    • “Going Coastal” – an exploration of the Conwy estuary
    • Canolfan Tryweryn” – for Trad or CBoat – Park and Play
    • Land based adventures – along the coast and up in the mountains
  • Monday “whilst heading home” options will include:
    • River trip on the lower Dee – finishing in Chester
    • River Dee Play Day – Trad and C-Boat – Llangollen area
    • A jaunt over the stunning Pontcysyllte Aquaduct

Our core-programme pricing gives access to virtually all our less formal, volunteer-led options … and includes what we hope will be 3 memorable nights based at Dolben Hall.  Core-programme fees will be:

  • 1st Adult – £48 (members) / £56 (non-members);
  • Additional Adults (sharing) – £40 (members) / £48 (non-members);
  • 1st older Junior (10-18 years) – £24 (members) / £28 (non-members);
  • Additional older Juniors (10-18 years. sharing) – £20 (members) / £24 (non-members)
  • Younger Juniors (aged 3-10) – £12 (members) / £16 (non-members)
  • Infants (aged 0-3) – Free (members) / £4 (non-members)

Note: discounts will be available for those volunteering to support different aspects of our programme, and for those who take on our Canoefest 2015 Challenge.

For those wanting more than our core-programme, we’re bringing in an array of additional coaches to deliver specialist “premium” workshops.  Most workshops will be run by professional coaches who will be giving up other commercial work (or a rare weekend off) to be part of our team.

Once you’ve booked the Core Programme, just pre-book the extras you want.

Headline attractions will include:

  • A Day of Coastal Play with Ray (Goodwin)
  • Getting into Advanced Coastal Canoeing – Jules Burnard
  • Assorted Sweet-Skills C-Boat Coaching with Kelvin Horner and friends
  • Advanced Solo Canoe with Greg Spencer and/or Matt Blackwell
  • Canoe Sailing with the Open Canoe Sailing Group
  • Foraging / Wild Foods / Tracking / Bushcraft /Wilderness Skills with Richard Prideaux
  • Lightweight Tripping with Hammocks for Trad boaters and C-Boaters with Mat Howes
  • “Mythbusting” and “Does Leadership Exist” with Dave Kohn-Hollins
  • Assorted Coach Education sessions, including:
    • Andy Oughton on “Positive Framing”
    • Caroline Carr on “Double-loops… goals, actions & feedback”
  • More that we’ve not yet finalised!

These sessions will need to be booked separately and will cost an additional ~£15 per half-day / £30 a day (plus any venue fees) – that’s a heavily discounted rate for some of the very best coaching available anywhere in the UK.

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