C-Boat Coaching with Kelvin Horner and friends

Kelvin Horner and friends will be offering C-Boat coaching all weekend.

Saturday and Sunday – on the Tryweryn – with the section above the chipper an option if we’ve got the numbers!

Monday – at LLangollen Outdoors on the Dee (what was Mile End Mill).

Meeting times and places: depends on the session – full details to follow!

Click HERE for the booking form 🙂

**** And Kelvin’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Kelvin Horner

C-Boating Guru

C-Boater Guru and Esquif Team canoeist Kelvin Horner of Sweet-Skills.co.uk can usually be found knocking about in his van or boating a crazy river - but during OCA Canoefest 2015 he'll be with us to offer his trademark blend of top tips and workshops 🙂

L'Edge Lite 2, Tryweryn from Sweet Skills on Vimeo.

We're hoping to hit the Tryweryn on the Saturday and Sunday and Mile End Mill on the Monday - full details to follow 😀

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