Getting into Coastal Canoeing with Jules Burnard

Veteran expedition canoeist and leading coach Jules Burnard of Voyageur Canoeing will be leading two headline days of coastal canoeing at Canoefest 2015.

  • Saturday – Going Coastal – “The Swellies” / an Adventure
  • Sunday – Next Steps in Coastal Canoeing

Increasingly, canoeists are recognising the British coastline as “our Boundary Waters” – as the UKs greatest tripping and journeying options. The OCA is working with Jules on assorted coastal canoeing courses… and these will be pilot days for the sorts of training others might expect in future.

Get in during Canoefest 2015 to be the first beneficiaries and to shape what follows!

Venue will be dependent on conditions and on the group – but Jules has lined up a heap of options, up to and including a jaunt out to Puffin Island.

The days should cater for a range of abilities, from strong intermediate canoeists (solo or tandem) through to leaders and coaches looking to operate in such environments.

Meeting time and place – Jules’ call!

Click HERE for the booking form 🙂

**** And Jules’ Canoefest Team entry ****

Jules Burnard

Ex-marine and adventure paddler Jules Burnard is a BCU Level 5 Canoe Coach, inland WW paddler, sea kayaker and bushcraft specialist with a passion for solo expeditions in remote locations. Amongst other roles, he's also European Chief Instructor for Rescue Training International. If we could clone him to run simultaneous workshops in all of his areas of expertise, we would!

At Canoefest 2015, Jules will be running advanced Coastal Canoeing and river canoeing workshops.

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