Positive Framing – Helping Paddlers be their Best Self

This new Postive Framing module comes from one of the most innovative Coach Educators in the country got great feedback in at the recent Coaching Conference… and should be a priority option for coaches attending Canoefest 2015.

Module description:

Positive paddlers engage, learn and perform well. Understanding and nurturing a positive, growth mindset in yourself and those that you coach will have lasting benefits. This workshop will extend the notion of pointing at the clear water and not the rock. The session will draw on work done by Kate O’Brian (Outward Bound) on Positive Psychology and help coaches understand the impact that phrasing instructions and feedback will have on the groups we coach. Recognising the differences between growth and fixed mindsets and exploring the use of signature character strengths to develop self awareness will form key parts of the session.

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**** And Andy’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Andy Oughton

Andy Oughton has been quietly impressing for years as a pioneering Coach Educator.

For an example of Andy's pioneering Coach Education read his discussion of "An Integrated Approach to L2 Paddlesport Coach Education" - although if a picture tells a 1,000 words, you might just take in this photo from the Open Canoe Festival at the Drôme...

Andy Oughton

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