Advanced Solo Canoe with Greg Spencer and/or Matt Blackwell

Advanced Solo Canoe means different things to different people… but in a few hours on Llyn Brenig, this session will focus on what one small part means – or could come to mean – to each participant.

This introduction to American Canoe Association (ACA) ‘Freestyle’ will utilise modern solo canoes to inspire and nurture enthusiasm for subtlety, finesse and ‘feel’.  Participants will explore what is involved in helping paddlers find their own, distinctive approach to connectivity and power transfer.

The workshop will also introduce strategies to make the most of this subtlety, finesse and feel in in the context of meaningful trips and journeys.

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**** And Greg’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Greg Spencer

Chairman and Rally Coordinator

Greg is Chairman of the OCA and works near enough full-time to promote independent adventure, exploration, journeying and self-development.  He is a British Canoeing Coach and an American Canoe Association (ACA) Coach and has coached throughout Europe and in North America. In quiet moments he serves as Head Coach of his local Canoe and Rowing Club, as Area Coaching Representative for British Canoeing, as a member of the Yorkshire Regional Development Team, as the UK Representative of the ACA (see Symposium) and as Membership Secretary for the Open Canoe Sailing Group.

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**** And Matt’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Matt Blackwell

Matt is Head Coach at Wokingham Waterside Centre.

Following early days in racing, Matt has worked his way through the disciplines - and he's now one of a very few coaches who are truly comfortable in anything from a high-kneeling sprint boat to a specialist WW canoe. He's already a 5* trained and Moderate Water Endorsed UKCC L2 Canoe Coach.

Oh - and he's 5* WW and MWE in k***k - and he's an aspirant UKCC L3 WW K***k Coach!

Matt Blackwell 3

At Canoefest 2015 he will be working with Greg Spencer on the Advanced Solo Canoe programme and working as part of the Canoefest team to deliver coaching on the Dee at Llangollen.

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