“Mythbusting” and “Does Leadership Exist” with Dave Kohn-Hollins

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Dave Kohn-Hollins of will be offering two workshops we’d like to develop into regularly-offered Open Canoe Association modules – and if you sign up to these you get a chance to shape what develops!

On Sunday 3rd Dave’s offering:

Mythbusting in Safety and Rescue

A subject where fact and opinion are often confused with each other, Safety and Rescue is a vital area of the sport. Dave helps you differentiate between solid fact and overblown guff, shooting sacred cows with abandon along the way.

On Monday 4th, Dave’s offering:

Does Leadership Exist – a conundrum

Dave-Hollins asks the question and challenges your perception of river leadership, giving you food for thought and new tools on the way.
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**** And Dave’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Dave Kohn-Hollins

Dave has lived and paddled all over the UK but now calls North Wales home. He started paddling when he was at school and began coaching whilst at University. He has worked coaching and guiding all over the UK, Europe and in Chile.

Starting from his first paddling trip abroad in Spain, Dave developed a passion for travel and exploration. His travels have so far taken in all of the great European white water destinations as well as trips to Chile, Argentina and New Zealand and expeditions to Colombia and Tajikistan.

When not working or off on expedition, Dave also coaches as a volunteer for Colwyn Bay Canoe Club and competes in white water extreme races as part of Team Pyranha.

Afon Cynfal - North Wales (2015) from Shaun Hazell on Vimeo.

At Canoefest 2015, Dave will be offering “Mythbusting” and “Does Leadership Exist” workshops.

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