Stand Up Paddleboarding

No-one’s going to miss Alex at Llyn Brenig on Saturday 2nd May: he’ll be the looking after this:

**** And Alex’s Canoefest Team entry ****

Manzo Alejandro Cordero

How do you introduce Manzo Alejandro Cordero?  He's an ACA certified maestro in / on whatever floats... and a dive master & cave diver when he sinks. Oh - and he's got rescue-instructor certifications for everything from "high angle wizardry" through "Swiftwater" to scary sounding stuff linked to plunging the deeps.

First and foremost though, Alex is Stand Up Paddleboard ambassador.  He's paddled professionally for manufacturers, pioneered training, organised festivals and helped expand SUP to both sea / surf and wild water river environments - and aside from coming along to meet us, he's a bring us a monster of a SUP!

You can see him guiding it here:

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