Coach Update

Updating as a coach has never looked so good!

With Dave Kohn-Hollins heading up the team, and several workshops which are not craft-specific our 2015 update can cater for kayak coaches as well as for canoeists.

Anyone just wanting to update can also attend one day of workshops without registering for Canoefest.

Four full-day sessions have been put on specifically with Coaches in mind:

In addition, we have four half-day coach-update sessions:

To update for 3 years a coach will generally have to do at least a full day and should cover

  • Coaching Aspects – whether technical abilities, coaching process, leadership and/or assessing;
  • Safe Practice – water safety, risk management and guidelines on ensuring the safety of participants, etc.

Note: we may be able to use other workshops from the Canoefest Programme to update you as a coach: get in touch via to see how we can best meet your needs!