Update – New Programme Options!


A week today, Canoefest 2015 will be well and truly under way – so it’s time for an update!

Minor glitches with the system have been ironed out, and bookings and membership renewals have been flooding in – commonly mixing a little of the Core Programme with a few of the Highlight Workshops.

Some key changes you may need to know about – starting with FOOD

  • Sunday evening’s meal options have been updated to show chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken and vegetable curry – and Dolben Hall’s Chef would like to know which meal you want!
    • If you’ve already booked, please e-mail food@canoefest.info
    • If you’re intending to book – please do so ASAP!
  • Sunday’s meal has been reduced to £7.50 – our team will arrange refunds at the event.

Amending choices is easy – just get in touch!

First up – we’ve a few new additions to the team – including Ian Purkis

  • A core-programme special – an afternoon taster on Leave no Trace for Canoe Camping.
    • Site selection for camping and minimising the effects of fire
    • Limiting disturbance to wildlife and how to avoid spreading invasive species
    • Guidance on waste – human waste, food waste & litter
  • Selecting, sharpening and using axes and knives
  • An introduction to wooden canoes – with Ian wearing his Seedawood hat.

Also new is “Trad” on the Tryweryn – we can’t leave the C-Boaters to have all the fun!

New Trip on Saturday Afternoon

This has been in the back of our minds all along – and now it’s confirmed.  We’re looking at a very leisurely tour from either Dolben Hall or St Asaph (nearby) to Rhyl – right past the imposing grandeur of Rhuddlan Castle!

More core-programme workshops

  • More on-site at Dolben Hall on the Saturday and Sunday:
    • Campfire Cooking for All Ages with Vicky Dielemans
    • Additional canoeing workshops using the pools and stream
  • An updated range of options on the lake – see Revised Programme
  • More Saturday evening options – including:
    • Campfire Cooking for All Ages with Vicky Dielemans
    • Mark Gittoes on Canada’s Northern Rivers
    • An introduction to the new OCA website

Core Programme workshop options will be on a first-come, first served basis, bookable during the weekend – but will be revised each day in response to demand.

To express an interest, see Gary Rice or Alan Mellor once you’ve reached Dolben Hall 

That’s about all for now… except to point out that booking continues on the new website: www.opencanoe.info but get in touch via bookings@canoefest.info if you’d like to know more!