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Let the Festivities Begin!

That photo was taken just a few weeks ago in France, but organising Canoefest 2015 has pretty much taken over my life since then. Fortunately, we’re finally about to gather to showcase and celebrate the many ways in which little boats allow us to satisfy our natural curiosity and release our spirit of adventure. Our […]

Darting Around On The Dee

On Monday 4th, the Canoefest team will be based at Llangollen Outdoors – formerly known as Mile End Mill. Highlights will include: River Rescue & Incident Management for Canoeists – with Chris Onions and Tim Bird “Does Leadership Exist” with Dave Kohn-Hollins Upstream Travel with Jules Burnard C-Boaters @ Play Half-day coaching is available at 1:4 levels for £15 / […]

Update – New Programme Options!

A week today, Canoefest 2015 will be well and truly under way – so it’s time for an update! Minor glitches with the system have been ironed out, and bookings and membership renewals have been flooding in – commonly mixing a little of the Core Programme with a few of the Highlight Workshops. Some key changes you may need to know […]

“Leave No Trace” with Ian Purkis

On Saturday 2nd May we’ve got Ian Purkis offering a half-day taster of what we’re hoping to add into the regular OCA calendar as entire weekends centred on Leave No Trace training – all especially developed by canoeists, for canoeists! This 3 hour taster-session will look at things like: Site selection for camping and minimising the effects of […]

“Trad” on the Tryweryn with the Canoefest Team

On Saturday 2nd May, Matt Mandrell and others from the Canoefest team will be available to take “Trad” Boaters onto the lower Tryweryn. Expect quite flexible arrangements, with scope to be guided and/or coached. This can be independently of the C-Boating with Kelvin Horner and Friends – or mixed in with the dudes in little boats.  We’ll send a […]

Coach Update

Updating as a coach has never looked so good! With Dave Kohn-Hollins heading up the team, and several workshops which are not craft-specific our 2015 update can cater for kayak coaches as well as for canoeists. Anyone just wanting to update can also attend one day of workshops without registering for Canoefest. Four full-day sessions have been put on specifically with […]

Upstream Travel with Jules Burnard

On Monday 4th May, Veteran expedition canoeist and leading coach Jules Burnard of Voyageur Canoeing will be running a full day on Upstream Travel on the River Dee (Llangollen area). This will NOT be a series of set-piece workshops in a short stretch of river: the idea is to travel in a meaningful manner and […]

Canoe Sailing with the Open Canoe Sailing Group

Over the weekend of 2nd-3rd May Canoefest 2015 has a base on Lynn Brenig – a great place to harness the wind! Advice and guidance will be available all weekend for those on the Core Programme – and Sunday afternoon we’ve got an intensive workshop – available on the booking form. If you’re an experienced canoe sailor you might also be […]